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Owner of Chelsea Hair | Body | Face
Nicola loves her GLB Microdermabrasion machine! "It treats any skin type. Everyone gets results! So versatile to use in my salon." Nicola's Fav skincare is GLB Specialist skincare. "The GLB AHA/BHB Mask is results driven. I love using it to prepare a clients skin before a treatment." Nicola has had amazing results with the GLB Hydrating Mask. "I had a client who had such a bad rash from using an aromatherapy natural product. I told her to put the GLB Hydrating Mask in the fridge and apply it to the irritated skin. It immediately started to sooth the skin and healed the breakout completely."

Owner of Naturally Skin Deep
"Osaine Skincare is a sea based line that is simple to understand, easy to use and EFFECTIVE! It gives me a 100% profit margin and I don't have to stock hundreds of products." Belinda also loves her GLB-IPL. "The GLB-IPL system is easy to use, doesn't take up valuable space in a cubicle and most importantly... it works! The system has paid for itself in no time, because my clients keep coming back for more!"

Owner of The Temple Skincare
René has seen fantastic results with her GLB-IPL system. "My IPL system is Great because it offers such a diverse range of treatments. One machine that effectively targets and treats hyper-pigmentation, photo rejuvenation, broken capillaries and hair removal just to name a few."

Owner of MG's Skincare & Beauty Salon
Belinda's clients love their Micro treatments! "My Microdermabrasion machine has been a great success! My clients get immediate results, especially on concerns of blackheads and congested skin." Regarding GLB Skincare Belinda says, "After a Micro treatment my clients love the GLB Hydrating Mask. It soothes and calms their skin right away!"

Abby Wilkins
Owner of Bella Mano
"Osaine is a great skincare range that allows my staff members and I the flexibility to customise and create new treatments for our clients. There are no limits or boundaries! This is why I enjoy recommending and using the Osaine Breast Sea Cream. Not only is it designed to work on the breast area but is versatile enough to be used as a night moisturiser for face, neck and décolleté with great firming and tightening results."

Eileen Campbell
Owner of Urban Spa - Gladesville
"The GLB Trinity Platinum system has made a huge difference to my business. It has helped us make close to $30 000 in just four weeks! We choose GLB for their fantastic support and training."

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